Chi-chi (Dragon Ball) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Chi-chi’s Costume from Dragon Ball

Dress like your favorite super mom and cop this cool Chi-chi costume below:

Chi Chi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Cheongsam Wear a blue cheongsam or Chinese dresss, preferably with red trimmings.
2 Red Pants Cop a pair of red pants.
3 Red Sash Tie a red sash on the waist area.
4 Red armbands Match red details of dress with a red armband. If there is excess fabric from the red sash on the waist, cut to fit on both arm cuffs.
5 White Leg Warmers Wear white leg warmers for contrast against the blue and red.
6 Red Shoes Match your red pants with a pair of red shoes.
7 Black Wig For those without black hair, wear a black wig in a ponytail. Cop Chi-chi’s frock and style the wig with loose hair and bangs.
8 Full Costume For a one-stop Chi-chi costume, get this set packaged with the main cheongsam, red pants, sash, and armbands.

Dragon Ball followed Chi-chi from childhood until she became mother to powerful half-Saiyans. One of her more iconic looks is the blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) with red trims. She wears this with a red belt and matching armbands.

She also dons a pair of red trousers and white leg warmers over her red shoes. Chi-chi wears her hair in a low ponytail with loose portions and bangs.

About Chi-chi

Chi-chi is a character in the manga and anime franchise “Dragon Ball”. The series is considered one of the most successful manga series, spanning decades of continuous releases and adaptations. Chi-chi is introduced as the daughter of Ox-King of the Fire Mountain, making her a Princess. She is characterized as a tomboy-ish lady with a fierce personality. She later marries Goku and has two children with him, Gohan and Goten.

Chi-chi is also seen as skilled in martial arts, training with Goku when they were young and then her son Goten. As a wife and mother, she is described as sometimes nagging or overbearing, and would often chastise Gohan to prioritize his studies first before fighting.

But as a fighter, she is considered a strong human, having fought many in her lifetime. Her love for her family is also evident, constantly worrying about them and caring for them whenever she could during their fights.