Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Briar Rose’s Costume

If you want to recreate Briar Rose’s style, checkout our list down below to see the needed items.

Briar Rose Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tan Shirt with Long Sleeves Look for a pinkish tan shirt with long sleeves and collars to wear.
2 Long Dark Tan/Brown Skirt Pair your top with a long dark tan skirt.
3 Black Corset Belt Top everything with a black corset belt, preferably with flower embroidered to it.
4 Purple Scarf Wear a scarf around your arms.
5 Wavy and Long Blonde Wig Recreate Briar’s beautiful hair using a long blond wig.
6 Black Headband Wear a black headband on top of the wig.
7 Black Slippers Finish the look with a pair of black slippers.
8 Flower Basket Get a wooden woven basket.
9 Flower Prop Put flower props into the basket and carry it.
10 Full Costume Get this full costume if you don’t have time to gather all the items.

Disney may offers Briar Rose a pink gown, but we’d like to go back to something simple. Briar Rose wears a tan shirt with long sleeves and collars topped with a black corset, a long dark tan skirt, a purple scarf, a black head band, and black slippers. We will also add some props to the look.

About Briar Rose/Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Briar Rose or Little Briar Rose is another name of a well known “Sleeping Beauty” character which is one of classical fairy tales of all time.

The broad plot of this tale involves a beautiful princess who is being put into deep sleep by magic and a handsome prince who comes and rescues her.

However, there are many versions regard the story. Each version offers a slight change in details. For example, while the princess picks her finger on a plant in Basile’s version, the item is a spindle in both Perrualt’s and the Grimm Brothers’ versions.