Mother Gothel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mother Gothel’s Costume

Mother Gothel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Medieval Dress Get a long red medieval styled outfit with big flappy sleeves to wear.
2 Long Black Hooded Rope Top your outfit with a long black hooded rope.
3 Brown Boots Put on a pair of brown leather boots.
4 Red Lipstick Give Gothel a deep red lips with a red lipstick.
5 Red Nail Polish Paint your nails with red color as well.
6 Black Curly Wig Recreate Gothel big and curly dark hair by using a similar styled wig.
7 Golden Earrings Wear a pair of golden earrings with your preferred designs.
8 Action Figure Are you a fan? Collect this action figure of hers.

Although Gothel is a witch, but she doesn’t have an old and ugly appearance thanks to Rapunzel magical hair power. Gothel wears a long burgundy medieval dress, a black rope, golden earrings, and brown boots. She also has red nails and big and long curly dark hair. If you’re interesting in creating this look, checkout our item list down below!

About Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel or Dame Gothel is a main villain in a classic fairy tale “Rapunzel”. She’s a witch who keeps Rapunzel locked up in the tower. In the 2010 Disney revision of Rapunzel, the name was changed to Tangled.

Moreover, Mother Gothel was renamed to Dame Gothel since she manipulates Rapunzel into believing she’s her mother-figure. Gothel is a witch who obsesses with youth and beauty so she kidnaps Rapunzel, who’s a princess, and put her in the isolated tower so she could use the power of Rapunzel’s long hair to preserve her young appearance.