Willa Lykensen's (Zombies) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Willa Lykensena’s Costume from Zombies

Willa Lykensen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Rust-colored top Start the look with a rust or orange-colored top.
2 Purple Vest Be sure to add a layer of purple, too.
3 Faux Leather Pants Get a pair of dark tight pants.
4 Belt Add a belt to the costume.
5 Holster You can also wear a holster for more accessories.
6 Boots Add an edgy touch with these ankle boots.
7 Curly Wig Keep the look spot-on with this curly wig.
8 White Highlights Rock Willa’s highlights with this clip-on.
9 Eyeliner Pencil Use this pencil to draw Willa’s arm markings.
10 Eyeshadow For your next make-up touch-up, use purple eyeshadow, too.
11 Lipstick Complete the stunning look with this lipstick shade.

Willa’s outfit can be easily recreated with a rust-colored top and purple vest. She also styles her dark pants with belts, pouches, and a pair of boots. Be sure to rock a curly wig with white highlights. For the make-up, use an eyeliner pencil for her arms and a purple palette eyeshadow and lipstick for her face.

About Willa

Willa Lykensen is one of the werewolves and was believed to be the antagonist in Zombie’s 2. She is Wyatt’s sister. Willa is also the pack leader which makes her appear serious. Willa has great strength and speed.