How to Make Flash Gordon’s Costume

Flash Gordon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tank Top Wear this black tank top to start.
2 Red Tank Top Then wear another red one on top of it, fold it into a cropped top.
3 White Sticker Paper Then get this sticker paper and cut in the shape of the icon on his chest.
4 Black and Red Marker Add some design on the sticker paper with these markers.
5 Black Pants Keep the look easy to wear with this pair of pants.
6 Belt Style the pants with this belt with a golden buckle.
7 Boot Cover You can also wear this boot cover instead of more expensive leather boots.
8 Blonde Wig Top off the costume with this wig.!
9 Sword Then carry a toy sword to nail the costume.

Flash Gordon is a popular hero and action film so you can expect that his costume is filled with items that make it easy to move. Start it off with a red and black tank top styled with his icon on the chest. Then wear black pants with a golden belt, too. Top it off with a pair of black boots and blonde wig. You can also carry a sword to complete the costume.

About Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is a film directed by Mike Hodges. It aired in 1980 and was based from the comic strip created by Alex Raymond. Flash Gordon was introduced as a popular quarterback. He and his allies are known to have united the factions in planet Mongo and worked together against Ming the Merciless who wanted to destroy Earth.