Dale Arden (Flash Gordon) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dale Arden’s Costume from Flash Gordon

Dale Arden Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Metallic Halter Top Keep it shiny with this metallic top.
2 Collar Bib Necklace Add some elegant elemants such as this massive necklace.
3 Tinsel Foil Drape over cut strips of orange tinsel over the costume which you may attach on the shoulder accessory.
4 Metallic Fabric Get at least 2 yards of this fabric to use as skirt.
5 Head band Secure a headband for the head piece.
6 Foil Then cut fire shapes from the foil and attach on the headband
7 Brown Short Wig Wear a brown wig if needed.
8 Toy Rifle You can also carry a toy rifle if avaialable.

It is cool to make an eye-catching costume for your next party! Dale Arden is the way to go if you want to rock a strong female character. Simply go for a shiny all-orange outfit starting with a DIY head piece that looks like flames. Then wear a large shoulder accessory over your bralette. Then keep it fiery with cut pieces of tinsel over the outfit. You can also drape yards of metallic fabric as your skirt.

About Dale Arden

Dale Arden is female character and known love interest of Flash Gordon. Flash is the protagonist of the comic strip of the same name and Dale is often included in his many adventures. She is also considered as a prototype for iconic Star Wars characters Princess Leia and Padme Amidala. Dale and Flash met on a plane that the latter was flying on.