Dire (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dire Costume

Dire Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Grey Full Body Suit Wear a full-body suit as a base for your werewolf look.
2 Plaid Sleeveless Vest Shirt Make it look like your shirt was ripped by wearing a red sleeveless shirt.
3 Black Denim Ripped Sleeveless Vest Another thing that should look accidentally ripped is your jacket so wear this sleeveless vest.
4 Dark Blue Denim Ripped Shorts Make your shorts look the worse for wear with a fashionably ripped pair.
5 Dark Grey Sneakers Wear a pair of grey sneakers to look like you’re barefoot.
6 Wolf Hat Look like an actual wolf with this hat on top of your head.
7 Brown Spiked Gauntlet Protect your arms with a pair of spiked gauntlets.
8 Brown Fingerless Leather Gloves Accessorize and defend your hands with leather fingerless gloves.
9 Nunchuks Don’t forget to arm yourself with nunchuks.

Dire is a Legendary outfit that you can unlock in Tier 100 of Fortnite’s Season 6 Battle Pass. He is a human that turns into a werewolf and can come in different colors including brown, black, white, and gray.

Dire’s base character is JJ. He wears a ripped shirt, a ripped jacket, ripped shorts, and a wolf face. Here’s everything you need to look like JJ as Dire.

About Dire

You can actually customize how you wire the Dire outfit, either go as a human, a half-wolf, or a full werewolf.

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