Duke Nukem Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Duke Nukem’s Costume

Duke Nukem Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Tank Top You can kick off the costume with this pair of red tank top.
2 H-harness For your next item, put on this harness.
3 Pants Keep the look practical with this pair of pants.
4 Belt Wear a belt with a stainless belt, too.
5 Fingerless Gloves For another edgy addition, be sure to wear this pair of gloves with the pants.
6 Tactical Boots You can also wear your choice of boots or tactical footwear.
7 Hair Dye This hair wax can help you achieve the golden hair look!
8 Shades Top the look off with this pair of sunglasses.
9 Prop Cigar Complete the costume with this toy cigar.

Duke Nukem shows off his muscular physique with his red tank top and h-harness combo. He styles his pants with a belt and a pair of tactical boots. For the hair, you can rock his blonde locks with a temporary dye. Then be sure to complete the costume with his cigar as well as his pair of sunnies!

About Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is the protagonist in the video game of the same name. It’s gameplay features Nukem as a first-person shooter. The player controls Nukem and they have to advance through levels set in Earth and beyond. It’s main activity for the game is shooting and the player can interact with many elements in-game. Each “level” ends with a boss battle which is typically an alien.