Kratos (God of War) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Kratos’ Costume from God of War

Kratos Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Body Paint Add a layer of white body paint on the body to rock his ashen look.
2 Red Make-up Once the wait paint is dry, you can draw the red marks on his body.
3 Shoulder Armour Then start the warrior look with this armour piece.
4 Brown Cloth Cut a yard or two of brown cloth and use as a skirt.
5 Belt Then tie it together wit this belt.
6 Tights Wear a pair of leggings, too.
7 Boots Match the brown pieces with these boots.
8 Gloves You can also wear gloves to emphasize his axe.
9 Axe Carry a to axe to keep the cosplay close to the original.
10 Fake Facial Hair Nail the God of War look with this fake mustache and beard piece.

Kratos’ costume can really pull your creativity and cool side together. Keep the look fresh with a layer of white paint on the body as well as red details on the focal points. Then wear a shoulder gear that matches your gloves, belt, and boots, too. Keep the brown look going with a piece of brown cloth worn as skirt as well as a toy axe you can wield as prop. Complete the cosplay with a set of fake facial hair.

About Kratos

Kratos is a character from the game God of War. He is introduced in the game as one born in Sparta and is a son of Zeus. Kratos is a demigod who later becomes a full god (God of War). During his time in Sparta, he is known as a soldier and general. Later on he lost his wife and child when he got them killed by accident and he got the nickname Ghost of Sparta.