Dana Barrett Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Dana Barrett Costume

Dana Barrett Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange off-the-shoulders Dress Make sure the skirt is not too long.
2 Gold Ribbon Belt If it’s longer than the dress, then you might want to cut it to get an equal length.
3 Dana Barrett Hair Style Wig You can find it in brown color to be more alike to the original."
4 Golden Lace High Heels Throw a little bit of modern fierceness into the look.
5 Golden Tone Makeup Palette Give your face a glow, shimmering look.

When Zuul took control of Dana Barrett’s body, it put on an orange off-the-shoulders dress and a gold ribbon belt, which became one of the most iconic looks from Ghostbuster. Zuul’s attention was to make her appearance looks super seductive and vibrant in order to attract her mate, Vinz Clortho, wherever it was. We don’t know about Vinz Clortho, but for men and women all around the world, we were enchanted by this dress.

This outfit is beautiful by itself, but to complete the team theme, you should find at least one person to put on a ghostbuster outfit and stand beside you, because who wouldn’t love to see more than one good-old-day character in the same room.

About Dana Barrett

In the first Ghostbusters in 1984, the character of Dana Barrett, played by Sigourney Weaver, was as well-known to the public as the four ghostbusters themselves. Dana was a charming cellist who lived in the same building with Louis Tully, one of the ghostbusters, who had a crush on her.

Then she became involved with the ghostbusters as the first costumer to hire a ghost removal service because the ghost called ‘Zuul’ appeared in the refrigerator and it terrified her. Soon after, Zuul possessed her solely to use her body to mate with another minion of Gozer named Vinz Clortho who had likewise possessed Tully, her admirer. Being under Zuul’s influence, Dana had changed from a discreet and sweet woman to a sexually attractive lady.