AJ Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make AJ Lee Costume

Aj Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tight-Fit Black Shirt AJ loves wearing tight fit shirts that are cropped or folded upward to show her midriff, so make sure you style yours like that too. Or you can get this Love Bites-printed shirt that AJ’s known for wearing.
2 Black Yoga Shorts Tight shorts are great for moving around which AJ needs to do a lot of. Sew on this hot pink fabric on the other half of the shorts to match AJ’s perfectly.
3 Black Knee-High Canvas Sneakers with Hot Pick Laces To add a little bit of gamer to her look, AJ prefers a pair canvas sneakers that come up to her knees.
4 Black Knee-High Socks with White Stripes Another cute detail AJ adds is her black knee-high socks.
5 Thick Black Belt with Silver Studs AJ’s thick, black, studded belt creates the perfect edgy vibe.
6 Pink Wristband AJ’s style is eclectic for sure. Wear a pink wristband and a few rubber bracelets on both your wrists.
7 Long, Wavy, Black Wig AJ is also known for her long, wavy, black hair so wear a wig.
8 Championship Belt AJ is the longest reigning champion so you should carry with you a belt.

Some people may see her as childish and crazy, but real fans adore AJ Lee. She’s not your typical female wrestler. Yes, she may wear skimpy clothes and yes, she does like creating drama. But this fiery woman is a self-proclaimed tomboy and geek. She’s comic-crazed, hot, and can kick your butt. Isn’t she a dream?

AJ Lee loves wearing midriff-revealing tops (most DIY-ed in a way), super skimpy shorts, and sneakers. For this outfit, she’s wearing her ‘Love Bites’ shirt, a black and pink pair of shorts, and knee-high canvas sneakers. Here’s everything you need to look like AJ Lee.

About AJ Lee

AJ Lee’s real named is April Jeanette Mendez. She’s of Puerto Rican descent and is recently the record holder for longest reigning Divas Champion in the WWE. She married fellow wrestler CM Punk.

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