Hall and Oates Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Hall and Oates Costume

Hall And Oates Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Vintage style graphic T-shirt For your Hall costume, start it off with a graphic T-shirt. Hall is seen often wearing a T-shirt such as this one.
2 Jean jacket The jean jacket is the second part of this double denim Hall look. This is a very iconic look that Hall appeared wearing.
3 Jeans, regular fit Choose jeans in a color matching to the jean jacket. The double denim look is a very 80s rocker look that fits Hall’s persona in a great way.
4 Biker boots Biker boots are another item popular with 80s rockers and add a very cool vibe to the look.
5 Wig, 80s style, blond Finish off Hall’s look with his legendary blond mullet.
6 T-shirt, leopard print For the Oates costume, start with a leopard print shirt as seen on him in many instances.
7 Vest, black leather Add the vest on top of the leopard print shirt for a very rocker chic look.
8 Jeans, blue, regular fit Blue denim was very popular in the 80s and worn by both Hall and Oates as part of countless outfits. The same goes for this look, the denim makes the leather and leopard print more casual.
9 Boots, cowboy-biker style These unique boots go with the rest of the outfit to create a very interesting 80’s rocker look.
10 Wig, 80’s style, curly black Oates’s hair is very iconic to his appearance and character. Finish off the Oates costume with a wig that has his curly black 80’s style cut.
11 Fake Mustache Costume will be incomplete without John Oates iconic mustache
12 Guitar As Oates was a guitarist, you can carry a guitar

Hall and Oates costumes are a great opportunity for friends or partners to do a costume look together. As the group was very popular and active during the 80s, expect lots of 80s stereotypes such as leather vests, double denim, and mullets. Hall and Oates performed a combination of pop and rock songs, though they’re wardrobe seemed to be a very rocker chic style. Hall was a fan of blazers, graphic tees, and denim jackets, while Oates wore lots of leather, boots, and vests of different materials.

About Hall and Oates

Hall and Oates were a pop/rock duo in the early 70s through the late 80s. They are known for their amazing number of chart hits that have charted high and a number of musical charts. The duo consists of Daryl Hall who, most of the time, acts as the main vocal, and John Oates who plays the electric guitar and provides backing vocals. Though the group is still together to this day, they do not have as large a following or the fame they did back in the 80s.