Funky Robin Sparkles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Robin Sparkles Costume

Robin Sparkles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, long sleeve, rainbow striped This shirt is very 80s-esque with its cropped bottom and bright colors.
2 Jean jacket, light blue The ideal jean jacket for this costume is oversize in the 80s style. Also rolling up your sleeves adds a very teen vibe.
3 Tulle skirt, yellow A yellow fluffy skirt gives Robin Sparkles her ideal bright and colorful appearance.
4 Turquoise leggings The leggings go under the skirt and add to the young and colorful 80s teenager vibe that makes up the Robin Sparkles persona.
5 Bow headband, dark blue Accessories are a key part of the costume. The bow headband is very playful without being trashy.
6 Earrings, triangle shape, dark blue he earrings match the headband and bring a kind of flow to the accessories of the costume.
7 Necklace, beaded green, long The necklace Robin wears wrapped around her wrist to act like a layered bracelet set.
8 Shoes, red heels Red short heels add incorporate a little bit of a grownup look to the costume and add to the colorful element.
9 Belt, leather coin accents The dark belt acts as a balance to the rest of the colorful outfit, and is also part of the plenty accessories seen in many 80s outfits.
10 Wig, curly blond Finish the look off with a curly blond wig. Style it like she has hers, with a small ponytail, and your costume is finished!

Robin Sparkles is a former persona of “How I Met Your Mother’s” How I Met Your Mother Robin, played by Canadian actress Cobie Smulders.

A big part of this look is the fact that it is very 80s based. A Robin Sparkles costume consists of a lot of frills, bows, and big sparkles. Unless you yourself were a teen in the 80s, you might not have a lot of items for this costume in your closet. Nonetheless, it is a very fun and iconic look that is not so hard to put together yourself.

About Robin Sparkles

Now grown Robin on How I Met Your Mother, is not so thrilled to share much about her brief career as a teen pop-star. Though short-lived, it has definitely produced many funny stories and moments on the show when Robin gets teased about her other persona. We don’t see much of Robin Sparkles on the show except for a few clips of Robin’s memories which provide sufficient idea of how good a pop-star she was.