Rainbow Brite Costume for Halloween 2019

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Rainbow Brite is a little girl who ones a Color Belt which has magical powers. She uses her belt to help those in need by ensuring that a wheat field does not lose its yellow or a forest retains its green.

Rainbow Brite is a cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl with a big heart. She loves to play with her friends and her horse, Starlite. But when work needs to be done, she’ll drop everything and do that first.

Rainbow Brite wears very colorful pieces of clothing. Her main dress is colored blue but her whole outfit is usually scattered with rainbow-themed patterns. Her blonde hair is also tied back in a ponytail. Here’s everything you need to look like Rainbow Brite.

How to Dress Like Rainbow Brite costume guide

Rainbow Brite Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Dress Wear a plain blue dress as your main base for your outfit.
2 Rainbow gloves and socks Rainbow-themed gloves and socks are a great way to bring the array of colors in your Rainbow Brite outfit.
3 Rainbow Sneakers This pastel-rainbow pair of sneakers is perfect for your outfit.
4 Blonde Wig Rainbow Brite has long, wavy, blonde hair tied up in a rainbow ponytail.
5 Twink Sprite Bring along this Twink Sprite plushie when you go on your adventures.
6 Costume Set Buy this costume set so you don’t have to DIY anymore!

About Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite is voiced by Bettina Bush. Bush has also voiced characters from shows like the Rugrats, Sabrina’s Secret Life, Ben 10, and Madagascar.

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