How to Make Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beige Button-Down Shirt A beige button-down is an easy piece to put on and take off.
2 Brown Pants Earth-toned and simple, brown pants is the way to go when out in the jungle.
3 Brown Leather Jacket Indiana knows how to stay stylish with his brown leather jacket.
4 Black Boots A pair of sturdy black boots is great for going on outdoor adventures.
5 Hat and Whip Indiana is known for wearing his iconic hat and bringing along his whip.
6 Satchel House necessities and hide treasures with Indiana’s satchel.
7 Fake Machete Sometimes you have got to get rid of pesky vines, so a machete is needed.
8 Revolver and Holster Every adventurer needs one
9 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into Indiana Jones with this costume set.
10 Costume Set You can be Indiana Jones easily with this costume set.

Indiana Jones is probably the most famous adventurer to date and his debut in the Raiders of the Lost Ark is still well-known with the younger generation. His swash-buckling moves and handsome face cemented his place in the hearts of many.

Indiana Jones is most known for his usual jungle-adventurer get-up. He can be seen wearing a beige button-down shirt, a pair of brown pants, a brown leather jacket, and black boots. He also brings a whip or sometimes a machete. Here’s everything you need to look like Indiana Jones.

About Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones was portrayed by veteran actor Harrison Ford. Ford is also known for his roles as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise and Blade Runner as Rick Deckard among many other films.

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