Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Marion Ravenwood’s Costume from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here are the pieces you can get to rock the Marion Ravenwood costume.

Marion Ravenwood Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long Sleeved Top Start with this white top with long sleeves.
2 Red Lace Then you can add red lace as accents to the top.
3 Floral Blouse You may opt to get this white top with red flowers.
4 Red Pants For pants, get a pair of red slacks.
5 Cinch Belt Style the pants with thick black belt.
6 Prop For a finishing touch, carry a moneky toy prop.

What makes Marion Ravenwood’s costume a good choice for your next costume part is that the pieces can be used again for various outfits. The white top can be decorated with red lace to recreate Marion’s signature white-and-red top. She also wears red pants with a thick waist belt. Complete the outfit with a black hat, too.

About Marion Ravenwood

Marion Ravenwood is a character that was introduced in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. This story is also part of the Indiana Jones franchise. She is a daughter of an archeologist. Her numerous occupations inclyde a bartender, club owner, journalist, and even publicist.