Han Solo (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Han Solo Costume

Han Solo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black, four-pocket vest Let’s not forget this black canvas, four-pocket freight vest that Solo wears is what got Greedo shot in the first place. The green alien just wanted to get this vest back, but one thing is for sure, it matches Han’s style better.
2 Beige, V-neck, half-collar, long sleeve shirt Being the most wanted smuggler and constantly on the run means that Solo has no time to do laundry or buy clothes, which is probably why his shirt became a little yellow. Magnoli Clothiers’ version (in the link to your left) is a spot-on imitation of that shirt, but you may also find a more affordable one that is just as accurate.
3 Blue pants with red rectangles piping These are first-class Corellian Bloodtripes and they’re awarded to those who are brave and gallant in Corellia, Han Solo’s home world. Adding this pair of navy blue, cotton-canvas pants with red piping will give a more authentic look to your costume.
4 Black leather boots Before becoming the sneakiest smuggler in the galaxy, Han was a pilot and an officer of the Empire. That is where he got his boots, but you can get a very close imitation from Funtasma. They have these black, knee-high, faux-leather boots that will make you look like the captain of your own space cruiser.
5 Utility belt with blaster holster (tools included) If you care for detail, you’ll want to add this three-hole belt to your outfit, an accessory often neglected by most cosplayers. Besides, it would help you keep your pants from falling with the weight of the utility belt with holster.
6 Tools not included Again, this is a key element you need to add to your costume. This space cowboy would not be complete without his trusty blaster by his side. You may find it already equipped with Solo’s tools or, if you are crafty and would like to make the tools yourself, you can save a few bucks on a more affordable version of the same belt.
7 Blaster Again, this is a key element you need to add to your costume. This space cowboy would not be complete without his trusty blaster by his side. This particular blaster comes in white and orange, but it’s still pretty faithful to the original. All it needs is a good coat of black and silver paint to look like the one in the movies.
8 Wig Costume Accessory
9 Full costume If you don’t feel like ordering all this stuff separately and having a bunch of boxes stacking up on your front door, we’ve narrowed your search to a couple of links where you can find the full costume.

Han Solo’s overall Outfit

With the recent craze over the upcoming Han Solo movie, it is only fair we show you how to dress up like the most wanted smuggler in the galaxy. So buckle-up, because we’re going to make a light-speed jump through Han Solo’s iconic outfit.

Back in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the first time we see the infamous pilot of the Millennium Falcon, he’s wearing a black, four-pocket vest over a yellowish, half-collar, v-neck shirt with no buttons. Black leather high boots and a pair of navy blue tuxedo trousers with decorating red stripes on the sides held by a three-hole belt.

Remember, his most important accessory is his utility belt with blaster holster. It’s an absolute must and cannot be missing in your Han Solo costume.

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