Bing Bong's Costume from Inside Out for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bing Bong’s Costume from Inside Out

Bing Bong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Elephant Nose Get this elephant nose to start.
2 Pink Paint Then, be sure to add a layer of pink paint on the elephant nose.
3 Pink Dress While the paint is drying on the nose, you can get your choice of pink dress.
4 Cardigan For the outfit, you can also add a layer of brown cardigan.
6 Bowtie You can also wear this polka dot bow tie!
7 Flower Brooch Add a happy touch to the look with this flower brooch.
8 Gloves Wear a pair of gray gloves.
9 Socks Keep the look cool with a pair of bright socks.
10 Pink Slippers Add a pair of pink slippers to match the dress.
11 Bowler Hat Complete the costume with a black bowler top hat.

Bing Bong’s costume can be recreated with an elephant nose painted in pink. Keep the costume pink with a bright dress and striped socks with furry slippers. Add a layer of brown cardigan to the look and put a flower brooch and bow tie to complete the festive costume. Finally, add a bowler top hat to the outfit, too.

About Bing Bong

Bing Bong is a character from the film Inside Out. He is the main protagonist’s imaginary friend from childhood. Bing Bong appears when Joy and Sadness were finding their way back to headquarters and he helps them in their adventure.

Bing Bong is a colorful and whimsical creature who resembles a combination of different animals and objects. He has cotton candy-like fur, elephant-like features, and the tail of a cat. Bing Bong is filled with joy and has an energetic personality, always seeking adventure and fun.

Throughout the movie, Bing Bong teams up with Joy, one of the emotions inside Riley’s mind, to help her navigate through the challenges she faces during her move to a new city. Despite being an imaginary friend who exists only in Riley’s mind, Bing Bong becomes an endearing and memorable character for both the audience and Joy.

As their journey progresses, Bing Bong’s character deepens and reveals his emotional side. He proves to be caring, selfless, and willing to sacrifice for Riley’s well-being. His friendship with Joy becomes crucial in allowing her to understand the importance of embracing all emotions, including sadness.

Bing Bong symbolizes Riley’s childhood innocence and imagination—a representation of how children can attach sentimental value to their past as they grow older. His character takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as he helps Joy navigate both joyful and nostalgic moments while confronting difficult choices throughout their journey.

Without going into too many movie spoilers, Bing Bong ultimately teaches viewers valuable lessons about growing up, cherishing memories, dealing with change, and understanding that all emotions have a purpose.

Overall, Bing Bong’s presence in “Inside Out” adds depth and heart to the story while capturing the essence of childhood imagination and friendship. The character resonates with audiences of all ages as we reminisce about our own cherished imaginary friends or explore the power of nostalgia.