The Baker and Baker's Wife (Into the Woods) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make The Baker and Baker’s Wife’s Costume from Into the Woods

The Baker’s Costume

The Baker from Into The Woods Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Coat Jacket Keep the look warm with a brown jacket.
2 Blue Button-down Wear a blue long-sleeved button-down.
3 Dark Blue Neckerchief Match your top with a blue neckerchief
4 Brown Belt Get a brown belt.
5 Striped Pants Wear a brown pair of pants.
6 Black Shoes Cop black shoes to match with the outfit!
7 Brown Wig Nail the look with brown hair.

The Baker’s costume consist of a brown leather coat jacket, a long-sleeved blue button down shirt with neckerchief, and a striped pants with brown belt.

The Baker’s Wife Costume

The Bakers wife from Into The Woods Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Two-toned Top Cop a red and navy outer wear.
2 Striped Top Wear a striped top under the outerwear.
3 Skirt Pair the top with period-dated skirt.
4 Pendant Necklace Put on a subtle necklace.
5 Brunette Wig Cop a brunette wig in an updo.
6 Flats Slip on brown shoes to complete the look.

Meanwhile, his wife wears a long-sleeved top in red and navy which she paired with a skirt. She also has a pendant necklace.

About The Baker and the Baker’s Wife

The Baker and His Wife are characters from the film adaptation of Into the Woods. The movie follows the story of the couple and their wish to have children even after being cursed by the Witch.

The film was able to weave together characters from various fairy tales and the character’s struggles and journey to attain their goals.

The Baker is played by James Corden while the Wife is portrayed by Emily Blunt. The film won Best Ensemble Cast for Motion Picture in the Satellite Awards.