Robin Hood Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

Costumet Team

How to Make Robin Hood’s Costume

Robin Hood is a hero of the masses. As such, he is seen in commoner’s garb consisting of a black, quilted jacket, pants, and a blue neckerchief or scarf.

To complete his look, be sure to carry a toy bow and arrow or a fake weapon such as a spear or sword.

Be the Robin Hood in your next costume party. Cop the items below.

Robin Hood Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Quilted Jacket Look for a black jacket with small sized quilts.
2 Black Pants Pair jacket with black trousers.
3 Blue Cloth Wear a blue bandana or scarf on the neck.
4 Black Boots Keep the costume cool with a pair of boots.
5 Fingerless gloves Carry the bow with a hand covered in a fingerless glove
6 Toy Bow and Arrow Carry a bow and arrow as prop.
7 Full Handmade Costume If you want custom handmade costume
8 Readymade Costume If you want to save money

About Robin Hood

Robin Hood is the titular character from the 2018 film “Robin Hood”. It is a modern adaptation of the beloved Robin Hood story where Robin learns to steal from the Sheriff to reclaim his land and help other people.

In this film Robin is recruited to join the army by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff declares him dead while he is away to seize his lands. Robin returns and the story follow his acts of bravery and quest to right the wrongs in his community. The film closes with Robin and his friends being branded as outlaws.