Jason Bourne Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Jason Bourne Costume

Jason Bourne Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-shirt black or dark blue plain shirt
2 Bomber jacket black
3 Jeans black
4 Shoes boots or running shoes in a dark color
5 Watch silver strap with a silver military watch
6 Id Card Prop Optional

Bourne’s style is very dark and casual. His clothing is very simple and comfortable, which is convenient for all the running and fighting he does. He mostly sticks to all black or dark colored clothing.

An example of an outfit he might wear is a black sweater with a long black coat, jeans, and dark colored sneakers or boots.

A Jason Bourne costume is very easy and simple to put together and pull off because much of what his outfits consist of are probably already in your closet. Anyone can do a Jason Bourne cosplay, man or woman.

Anyone who wants to be a cool assassin-on-the-run for the night is suited to this costume. Here is an example of some clothing items you could you to create your very own Jason Bourne costume.

With the Jason Bourne franchise being very popular, a Jason Bourne costume is an easy and fun costume to pull off. A costume such as this one is an interesting way to give a nod to what a great character Jason Bourne is as many fans can already attest.

About Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is a legendary character who has been in several movies, video games, and novels since back in 1980. He is an ex-CIA agent who gets into many different disasters with the CIA and different governments as a rogue agent.

One of the most famous lines in today’s pop culture,“Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne”, is derived from one of the movies, and is very much known and used still to this day.

Bourne plays the bad boy assassin type character in nearly every movie and novel in the Jason Bourne franchise, and because of that, he is still a renowned and favorite character of many.

His persona is very laidback, and he is the type to easily blend in a crowd, which of course is very helpful when you are constantly on the run from different organizations coming at you from all over the world.