How to make Austin Powers Costume

Austin Powers Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Royal Blue Three Piece Suit Look as suave as Austin Powers in this very bright royal blue three piece suit.
2 Black Oxfords Pair it with classic black Oxfords for a groovier look.
3 Lacy White Jabot and Cuffs It might be a little outdated, but Austin Powers can definitely rock the lacy white jabot and cuffs on his outfit.
4 Brown Mod Shag Wig Get a ‘60s vibe with this brown mod shag wig.
5 Black Rimmed Glasses Austin Powers needs his black rimmed glasses if he wants to spot his enemies at once.
6 False Teeth Add in false teeth to copy Austin Powers’ look perfectly.
7 Groovy Male Pendant He did become a really famous sex symbol so celebrate Austin’s accomplishment by wearing a male gender pendant.
8 Full Costume Set If you don’t have the time to DIY your costume, why not buy this full set instead?

If you want to be in the presence of a British secret agent, look no further than Austin Danger Powers. Ignore his wonky teeth, outdated hairdo, and garishly bright outfits and you might see someone you like. Austin’s life might have been a parody of spy films during the 1960s but his outlandish and peculiar behavior has cemented himself in movie history as the only true ‘International Man of Mystery.’

Austin Powers grew up in the 1960s so his outfit reflects the groovy fashion of the booming decade. He’s famous for his ultra-bright royal blue suit which he pairs with an outdated lacy jabot and a classic pair of black Oxfords. Here’s everything you need to look like Austin Powers.

About Austin Powers

Austin Powers is portrayed by the talented Mike Myers. He has played many equally beloved roles like Shrek, Cat in the Hat, and Wayne Campbell from Saturday Night Live.

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