Johnny Bravo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Johnny Bravo Costume

Johnny Bravo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Black Fitted Shirt A plain black fitted shirt is the perfect top to show off Johnny’s bulging muscles.
2 Light Denim Pants Wearing a simple pair of denim pants makes Johnny look casually classic.
3 Black Sneakers Chasing women is a hard job so wearing a pair of comfy black sneakers is a must for Johnny.
4 Black Sunglasses Johnny rarely leaves home without his awesome pair of black sunglasses.
5 Retro Pompadour Wig To achieve Johnny’s signature hairdo, try on this retro pompadour wig. Just dye it a blonde color.
6 Black Hand-held Mirror Above all, Johnny loves Johnny. So bring along a hand-held mirror so you can admire yourself.
7 Portable Comb Johnny takes good care of his appearance so even one strand of flyway hair is a big no no.
8 Muscle Outfit If you are not muscular then optionally you can put on this muscle outfit.
9 Full Costume If you want to save the hassle

Johnny Bravo looks like a blonde Greaser. His big muscles and overall appearance isn’t bad looking. In fact, he is considerably handsome. What comes as a real turn-off is his vain and shallow personality. His constant quest to woo women isn’t a very good trait (and that’s why he mostly fails!).

Johnny Bravo’s clothes is simple but his hair is the real star of the show. His blonde hair is styled in an exaggerated pompadour that looks impossible to achieve in real life. He pairs this hairdo with a simple black shirt and blue denim pants. Here’s everything you need to look like Johnny Bravo.

About Johnny Bravo

Johhny Bravo is voiced by Jeff Bennet who has voiced many characters in kid’s shows throughout the years.

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