How to Make He-Man Costume

He Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Muscle Jumpsuit Wear a muscle jumpsuit to add buns of steel to your outfit.
2 Muscle Shirt Another alternative is to grab a muscle shirt.
3 White Long Sleeve Shirt For his other outfit, start by wearing a white long-sleeved shirt.
4 Pink Short Sleeve Dress Shirt Use a pink short-sleeved shirt, unbuttoned, atop your white shirt.
5 Light Purple Tights Match your pink top with light purple tights.
6 Purple Brief Add purple briefs above your tights.
7 Brown Faux Fur Fabric For his hero outfit, use brown fur fabric for his loin cloth.
8 White Sneakers Wear white sneakers as the base for your other outfit.
9 Fluorescent Violet/Burnt Sienna Textile Paint Paint your sneakers bright violet to match your tights.
10 White Fur Trim Add white fur trim to mimic Prince Adam’s funky look.
11 Yellow Bob Wig Don’t forget to wear a blond bob to look more like He-Man.
12 Grey/Red/Gold Vinyl Fabric Use vinyl fabric to recreate the chest harness for He-Man’s hero outfit.
13 Black Belt with Gold Buckle Wear a black belt around your waist for your other outfit.
14 Viking Shield Arm yourself with a shield.
15 Grey Primer Spray Paint Paint your shield and innocuous grey color.
16 Sword Prop Make sure bring along He-Man’s Power Sword with you.

He-Man is the hero alter-ego of Prince Adam and the twin brother of She-Ra. He is part of a group of heroes who defend Eternia from their enemy, most notably Skeletor. He is immensely strong and fueled by his good sense of judgement.

He-Man is most known for his outfits. He wears a silver and rest chest hardness paired with a loin cloth, or a white shirt long-sleeve shirt underneath a short-sleeved pink shirt paired with purple tights and purple boots. He is also known for his blond bob and sword.

About He-Man / Prince Adam

He-Man was voiced by John Erwin. Erwin is also known for his roles in Babe, The Archie Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Rawhide.

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