Arwen (Lord of the Rings) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Arwen Costume

Arwen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Arwen’s Green Gown This light green gown was worn by Arwen when she went to Minas Tirith after Aragorn’s coronation.
2 Elven Ears Elven ears are more pointed than human ears so make sure you wear these.
3 Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace Arwen gifts this necklace to her beloved Aragorn before he had to leave. Add another touch of elven beauty by placing a silver tiara on your head.
4 Long Hooded Cape Arwen wears capes when she’s out riding, so you can wear one as well.
5 Long Brunette Wig Arwen is known for her long, brunette hair styled in an elegant half up half down hairdo.

If there was a fairest maiden in the elven people, Arwen would be their top choice. She was described as such after all. It’s no surprise that a Man such as Aragorn can fall in love with her at first sight. But she isn’t just there to sit pretty. Arwen is kind-hearted and gentle in spirit as well, two characteristics that make her a beloved character.

In the movies, Arwen has had many simple yet beautiful outfits. For this article, let’s show the gown she wore when she became Queen of the Reunited Kingdom. She wore a beautifully timeless light green medieval gown and a silver tiara on top of her signature brunette hairstyle. Here’s everything you need to look like Arwen.

About Arwen

Arwen was portrayed by Liv Tyler for all three film adaptations of Lord of the Rings.

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