El Borracho's Costume from Loteria for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make El Borracho’s Costume from Loteria

El Borracho Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fake Belly Keep the drunkard look close to real life by wearing a fake belly.
2 White Shirt Get an oversized white shirt.
3 Yellow Vest Wear a yellow vest, too.
4 Striped Pants Then, get a pair of striped pants.
5 Patch Make the look more worn out by adding patches on the knees.
6 Red Belt Add a red belt for more accent.
7 Shoes Slip on a pair of brown shoes.
8 Mustache Wear a fake mustache.
9 Bottle Then, be sure to carry a bottle of tequila.

The Drunkard’s look can easily be recreated by wearing a fake belly over an oversized shirt and striped pants. Then, wear a red belt and knee patches. You can also nail the El Borracho look with a mustache and an empty bottle of tequila.

About El Borracho

El Borracho is a card from the Mexican game Loteria. It is a traditional Mexican board game of chance, like bingo, played with a deck of cards with images and its corresponding names. Players select a board with a 4x4 grid of pictures and mark off matching images as they are called out by the cantor or caller. The winner is someone who completes a winning pattern and shouts “Lotería”! “The Drunk”, as translated from its name, symbolizes caution against overindulgence in alcohol or substances, often associated with consequences and the need for moderation.