El Valiente's Costume from Loteria for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make El Valiente’s Costume from Loteria

El Valiente Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Shirt Start the look with a striped shirt.
2 Red Belt Then keep the red look going with this belt.
3 Navy Pants Add more stripes to the costume with these pants.
4 Brown Shoes Wear a pair of brown shoes.
5 Scarf Carry a scarf, too.
6 Toy Sickle Complete the costume by wearing a toy sickle.
7 Extra Large Rectangular Cardboards Create your giant card background on this extra-large rectangular cardboard.
8 Acrylic Paint Set Use this acrylic paint set to add the necessary details to your corresponding Loteria Card.

El Valiente’s look features a lot of stripes. Start with a striped shirt and pair of pants. Then, accentuate with a red belt and a scarf. Get a pair of brown shoes and carry a toy sickle to nail the costume!

About El Valiente

El Valiente is a card from the Mexican game Loteria. To play Loteria, you need a deck of cards with pictures and names that go with them. It’s a traditional Mexican board game of chance, kind of like bingo. The players pick a board with a 4x4 grid of pictures and mark off the ones that fit as the cantor or caller calls them out. Someone who makes a winning pattern and yells “Lotería!” is the winner! “The Brave Man” is what El Valiente card means in English. This card stands for bravery and courage. It stands for someone who is brave and doesn’t back down from difficulties.