La Muerte's Costume from Loteria for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make La Muerte’s Costume from Loteria

La Muerte Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Skull Mask Start the costume by getting a skull mask.
2 Gold Spray Add a layer of shine to the look with this gold spray.
3 Skeleton Onesie You can choose to wear this cozy onesie for the skeleton look.
4 Skeleton Jumpsuit Or wear this jumpsuit instead.
5 Scythe Get a scythe to complete the costume.
6 Extra Large Rectangular Cardboards Create your giant card background on this extra-large rectangular cardboard.
7 Acrylic Paint Set Use this acrylic paint set to add the necessary details to your corresponding Loteria Card.

La Muerte’s outfit will stand out on your next costume party! You can pull it off by wearing a skull mask sprayed with gold paint to match the mask. Carry a toy scythe to nail the costume.

About La Muerte

La Muerte is a card from the Mexican game Loteria. It is a classic Mexican board game of chance, similar to bingo, that is played using a deck of cards featuring images and their matching titles. Players choose a board with a 4x4 grid of photographs and mark off matched images when they are announced by the cantor or caller. In Lotería, the term La Muerte refers to death. This card can represent denying oneself something, being unhappy with your body or yourself, being lovesick, missing someone, or coming to an end.