La Dama Costume from Loteria Cards for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make La Dama Costume from Loteria Cards

La Dama Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Button-Up Blouse with Collar Start your lady-like attire with this button-up red blouse with a collar.
2 2-Piece Business Outfit Pick this two-piece business outfit featuring a long-sleeved blazer and pencil cut skirt, and show your respectable stature.
3 Red Closed Toe Pump Shoe Add a highlight to your get-up with these closed-toe red pump shoes.
4 White Silk Retro Neck Scarf Incorporate this retro white silk neck scarf to your top.
5 Red Air Hostess Pillbox Hat Add more highlights to your outfit by choosing this red air hostess pillbox hat.
6 White Wrist Length Gloves Complete your professional feminine garb with these wrist-length white gloves.
7 Red Clutch Purse Get this red clutch purse for your accessory.
8 Extra Large Rectangular Cardboards Create your giant card background on this extra-large rectangular cardboard.
9 Acrylic Paint Set Use this acrylic paint set to add the necessary details to your corresponding Loteria Card.

Loteria Cards are the picture cards used in the traditional Mexican board game Loteria, similar to Bingo. The 54 Loteria card deck is used to draw the pictures that match the corresponding pictures in the randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures known as the tabla. The first to complete a previously agreed pattern will shout “Loteria” and will be declared the winner.

Loteria Cards are pictures of people, animals, and objects that are widely recognized throughout Mexico. La Dama wears a collared red button-up blouse, a two-piece set featuring a long-sleeved business blazer and a pencil cut skirt, closed-toe red pump shoes, a retro white silk neck scarf, a red air hostess pillbox hat, and wrist length white gloves for the La Dama Loteria Card.

About La Dama

“La Dama” is one of the iconic characters found on Lotería cards. She represents a lady and is depicted in traditional Mexican attire. The game is often played during festivals, family gatherings, and other social events as a form of entertainment. Each character on the cards holds cultural significance and adds to the rich tradition of the game.

La Dama translates to “The Lady” in English. Depictions can vary, but she’s typically a young woman holding a fan or flowers.

The Loteria game originated in the 15th century in Italy and was brought to New Spain (Mexico) in 1769, as a hobby for the upper classes. It eventually became a traditional game for everyone in Mexico.

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