La Rosa (Loteria Cards) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make La Rosa Costume

La Rosa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Flower Ruffle Blouse Instantly bloom beautifully by choosing this red flower ruffled blouse.
2 Green Pants Match your flowery top with this pair of green pants.
3 Brown Low Heel Shoes Pick these low heel brown sandals to plant your feet comfortably on the ground.
4 Red Rose Crown Headband Wear this red rose crown headband and add to your floral appeal.
5 Extra Large Cardboard Sheets Use these extra-large cardboard sheets to construct the giant Loteria card attached to your back.
6 Black and White Acrylic Paint Utilize these black and white acrylic paints to add the necessary details to your giant Loteria card.
7 Light Blue Acrylic Paint Create the bluish background on your Loteria card using this light blue acrylic paint.

La Rosa is the blooming red rose with green stalk and leaves pictured in the number forty one (41) card in the traditional bingo-like Mexican board game Loteria. The popular game has a deck of 54 picture cards, which is used to draw a picture card that will be the basis to find a corresponding matching picture in the randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures known as the tabla. The first to complete a previously agreed pattern on the tabla will shout “Loteria” and will be declared winner of the particular round of the game.

La Rosa is beautiful and desirable. She wears a red flower ruffle blouse, green pants, low heel brown shoes, and a giant Loteria card.

About La Rosa

La Rosa or the rose can symbolize beauty, love, or desire that is in plain sight. In fortune-telling, it could mean that someone or something is already obviously within reach.

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