La Sirena (Loteria Cards) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make La Sirena Costume

La Sirena Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Nude Long Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt Pick this long-sleeved nude-colored crew neck T-shirt to setup your beguiling and enchanting outfit.
2 Hawaiian Seashell Bra Increase your allure by wearing this Hawaiian seashell bra.
3 Black Long Wig Add to your charm by donning this wavy long black wig.
4 Extra Large Cardboard Sheets Use these extra-large cardboard sheets to construct the giant Loteria card that you will incorporate to your costume. Make a large hole in the middle where you can insert yourself up to waist level.
5 Acrylic Paint Set Utilize this acrylic paint set to draw your mermaid tail and all the necessary details to your giant Loteria card.

La Sirena is the long-haired mermaid pictured in the number six (6) card in the traditional bingo-like Mexican board game Loteria. The popular game has a deck of 54 picture cards, which is used to draw a picture card that will be the basis to find a corresponding matching picture in the randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures known as the tabla. The first to complete a previously agreed pattern on the tabla will shout “Loteria” and will be declared winner of the particular round of the game.

La Sirena is both beautiful and attractive. She wears a long-sleeved nude crew neck T-shirt, Hawaiian seashell bras, a long black wig, and a giant Loteria card with a mermaid tail drawing.

About La Sirena

In Spanish and Mexican lore, the mermaid or la sirena is a creature of irresistible beauty which sings an enchanting song with its bewitching voice. This often leads seafarers to jump and follow them into the ocean where they eventually drown. Thus, in fortune-telling, the card is seen as a warning to look carefully at apparently desirable opportunities.

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