Tanooki Mario Costume from Super Mario for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mario Tanooki’s Costume from Super Mario

Tanooki Mario Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sherpa Onesie Keep the outfit cute with this Sherpa onesie with animal ears.
2 Fake Mustache Then, add Mario’s signature mustache to the costume with this party favor.
3 White Gloves Mario is also known for his white gloves so be sure to wear a pair, too.
4 Slippers Complete the costume with this pair of brown slippers.

Mario Tanooki’s costume is a cool spin to the Super Mario look. Retain Mario’s signature mustache and gloves. Then, wear a brown Sherpa or fleece onesie to recreate the raccoon dog style.

About Mario Tanooki

Mario Tanooki is a form of Mario (which is also applicable to Luigi) wherein he appears to take the form of a raccon dog also known as the bake-danuki. Mario Tanooki appears in the game franchise of Super Mario. When this suit was released, it turns the player into an invulnerable statue.

When Mario obtains the Tanooki Suit, he transforms into a raccoon-like creature with a tanuki tail and ears. In this form, he gains unique abilities that aid him on his platforming adventures. The most recognizable ability is the ability to glide and float in midair by spinning his tail. This allows him to reach higher platforms or slow down his descent.

In addition to the gliding ability, Tanooki Mario can also perform a powerful tail attack called the “Tail Whip.” By spinning around with his tail extended, he can defeat enemies and break certain blocks in his path.

The Tanooki Suit also grants him enhanced durability. When hit by an enemy or obstacle while in this form, instead of losing a life immediately, Mario reverts back to his regular form without taking damage. This provides an added layer of protection against hazards.

While the Tanooki Suit has appeared in several subsequent Mario games, it’s important to note that it represents one of many power-up forms available to Mario throughout the series. Each power-up form offers its own unique abilities and gameplay mechanics.

The design of Tanooki Mario draws inspiration from Japanese folklore and mythology. The tanuki is a real animal native to Japan known for its mischievous nature and shape-shifting abilities. In Japanese folklore, tanuki are often depicted as creatures with magical powers who can impersonate humans or other animals.

The introduction of Tanooki Mario received positive reception from players due to its fun gameplay mechanics and cute appearance. It has become one of the most memorable power-ups associated with the Super Mario franchise.

In summary, Tanooki Mario is a popular power-up form of Mario, granting him the ability to glide, perform a powerful tail attack, and providing enhanced durability. It originated in “Super Mario Bros. 3” and has since become an iconic addition to Mario’s arsenal of abilities.