Donkey Kong's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Donkey Kong’s Costume

Donkey Kong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Monkey Onesie You can rock this costume by wearing a monkey onesie.
2 Red Necktie Then, add a red necktie for a distinctive touch to his look.
3 Monkey Slippers Get a pair of monkey slippers, too.
4 Donkey Kong Mask Choose Donkey Kong from this set of masks.
5 Costume Top You can also wear this Donkey Kong kit.
6 Fuzzy Pants Then, pair the kit with brown pants.
7 Full Costume For a full set, feel free to use this full set costume.

The Donkey Kong costume includes a brown jumpsuit or onesie, Donkey Kong’s signature red tie, and a character mask or headpiece. This is a great costume to wear when you have a Super Mario-themed party or when you simply want to catch the attention of many on your next event!

About Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong’ is a character from the film of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He is an important member of the Kong family, playing a role in the storyline and interacting with characters like Mario and Peach. The film portrays Donkey Kong as an intelligent and cunning individual, capable of outwitting Mario. As Mario and Peach visit the Jungle Kingdom to recruit the Kongs in their fight against Bowser, they must gain the approval of Cranky Kong, the leader of the Kong army and Donkey Kong’s father.