Waluigi (Super Mario) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Waluigi Costume

Waluigi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Sweater Waluigi creates his own persona by wearing a purple sweater.
2 Blue Overalls Just like Mario and Luigi, Waluigi prefers a pair of overalls.
3 Brown Boots Waluigi has on a cool pair of brown boots.
4 Waluigi Cap Waluigi’s cap is colored purple with an inverted yellow ‘L’ printed on it.
5 White Gloves Waluigi prefers his hands protected by white gloves.
6 Fake Mustache Waluigi sports a cool mustache.
7 Piranha Potted Plant Bring along a potted piranha plant to scare your enemies.
8 Boys Costume Set Your little boy can be Waluigi with this costume set.

While he doesn’t have any solid background story, Waluigi remains to be one of the Super Mario Bros. franchise’s beloved character. This purple-wearing plumber is built and made to look similar to Luigi since he is Luigi’s ultimate arch nemesis. Waluigi first appeared on Mario Tennis in the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64.

Waluigi has a thin, tall body as well as a mean-looking mustache. He dresses similarly to Mario and Luigi but prefers the color purple. Waluigi wears a purple sweater, blue overalls, brown boots, a purple cap, and white gloves. Here’s everything you need to look like Waluigi.

About Waluigi

The voice of Waluigi is commonly credited to two actors: Akira Ishida and Charles Martinet.

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