Iron Fist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Iron Fist Costume

Iron Fist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-Shirt with Iron Fist Symbol Look for a dark T-shirt with the Iron Fist symbol printed on its chest.
2 Military Green Opened Shirt Put on an opened front military green shirt over the T-shirt.
3 Brown Cargo Pants Pair up your top with a pair of pants in brown color.
4 Brown Combat Boots Get a pair of brown combat boots to wear.
5 Green Zentai Suit Use this green spandex suit as your base layer and apply this Iron Fist logo on it
6 Yellow Canvas Belt Fasten your pants with a yellow canvas belt.
7 Iron Fist Yellow Mask Wear a yellow half-faced mask to cover your identity.
8 Yellow Finger-less Gloves Get a pair of yellow finger-less gloves to wear.
9 Yellow Boots These yellow boots can work with other costumes as well
10 Full Costume Full costume is also available if you are short on time. Another better quality costume

Unlike other superheroes, Danny Rand doesn’t own an iconic costume in the live-action series. He often wears a regular clothes. However, in this article we will mix and match Danny’s fighting outfit between the live action tv and comic style.

He wears a T-shirt with the Iron Fist symbol on it, an opened military green jacket, brown cargo pants, a yellow belt, a yellow mask, yellow finger-less gloves, and brown combat boots. If you like this look, checkout our list above on how to recreate it!

About Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a Marvel-Netflix series originally created in 2017. It has the main protagonist named Danny Rand, played by a British actor Finn Jones, a man who is hardly trained in combat and eventually becomes the Iron Fist.

The character is based on the comic book character with the same name. In the first season, Rand has to learn to live with his incredible martial arts skills and puts it to use by stopping villains from committing crimes.

Later on, Danny Rand joins other Marvel-Netflix web series characters (Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage) in The Defenders mini series which airs on Netflix streaming service.