Moon Knight Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Moon Knight Costume

Moon Knight Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeved Compression Shirt Wear this long-sleeved black compression shirt as a base for your outfit.
2 Black Compression Pants Match your top with black compression pants for a more seamless look.
3 White Cape Don’t forget to wear a white hooded cape.
4 Silver Boots Wear a pair of silver boots as part of your outfit.
5 Silver Gloves Stay in the silver theme with a pair of silver gloves.
6 Moon Knight Mask No Moon Knight costume is complete without his mask.
7 EVA Foam Use the EVA foam to make Moon Knights waist belt.
8 Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint Paint your custom-made belt with this metallic silver acrylic.

Not a lot of mentally ill characters are introduced in pop culture. Few of them still are regarded in a positive light. And that’s what makes Moon Knight a step more unique than his other contemporaries.

His dissociative identity disorder plays a vital role in his character and is not just a sub-plot. While it’s true that Moon Knight is more violent than other superheroes, he also shows the complexity of how mental illness can affect a person.

Moon Knight is sometimes regarded as the Batman of the Marvel Universe. He wears a black and white (mostly white) costume. He also loves his billowing hooded cape and full face mask. Here’s everything you need to look like Moon Knight.

About Moon Knight

Moon Knight first appeared in 1975 during the Werewolf by Night #32 issue.

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