Howard the Duck Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Howard the Duck Costume

Howard The Duck Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt Start your outfit with a simple white dress shirt.
2 Maroon Vest Wear a maroon vest above your dress shirt.
3 Brown Two-Piece Suit Look dashing in a brown suit ensemble.
4 White Gloves Use white gloves to match Howard’s hands.
5 Duck Feet Make sure to wear duck feet slip-ons.
6 White Balaclava Use a white balaclava to mimic Howard’s duck head.
7 Duck Bill Mask Don’t forget to wear a duck bill to really look like a duck.
8 Brown Fedora Accessorize with a brown fedora.

Howard the Duck is the titular character of the 1986 American superhero comedy film adapted from the Marvel comic character. It is about a anthromorphic duck leaving in another world who gets transported to Earth. He saves Beverly from thugs and becomes her manager after a few mishaps along the way.

Howard the Duck may be good underneath it all, but he does have a very argumentative demeanor. He wears a white dress shirt, a maroon vest, a brown two-piece suit, and a brown fedora.

About Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck is a fictional character that made his first appearance in Marvel Comics in 1973. Created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik, Howard quickly gained popularity for his unique personality and satirical take on the superhero genre.

Howard is an anthropomorphic duck who originates from Duckworld, a parallel universe where ducks evolved to become sentient beings with their own society. Through a series of unfortunate events involving an interdimensional mishap, Howard finds himself transported to Earth, specifically Cleveland, Ohio.

On Earth, Howard becomes somewhat of an outsider due to his appearance and mannerisms. He is often depicted wearing a suit and tie, adding to his distinct persona. Despite being thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, Howard possesses sharp wit and an acerbic sense of humor that he uses to navigate through various absurd situations.

Though not possessing any superpowers, Howard often finds himself involved in bizarre adventures. Gerber’s run on the comic book series focused on social satire and political commentary, using Howard as a vehicle for parodying various societal issues and pop culture phenomena.

In 1986, Howard the Duck became widely known outside of the comic world with the release of the “Howard the Duck” film produced by George Lucas. The movie received mixed reviews but has since developed a cult following due to its campy nature and unusual premise.

Howard’s popularity continued to grow over the years as he became a recurring character within Marvel Comics. He has appeared in various comic book storylines alongside popular characters like Spider-Man and Deadpool. Additionally, he has joined teams such as Guardians of the Galaxy and worked as a private investigator alongside She-Hulk.

Despite being predominantly associated with satirical storytelling, Howard also possesses moments of vulnerability and depth that explore themes of identity and belonging. These aspects have helped solidify him as more than just a humorous side character but rather as a complex figure deserving of empathy.

Throughout his existence, Howard the Duck has evolved into a beloved and enduring character in popular culture. His unique blend of satire, humor, and social commentary continues to entertain readers and fans across different mediums.

In conclusion, whether he’s wielding a comically oversized cigar or embarking on offbeat adventures, Howard the Duck remains an iconic character known for his unconventional charm and distinctive voice in the Marvel Universe.

Howard the Duck was voiced by Chip Zien. Zien is also known for his roles in United 93, The Siege, and Snake Eyes.

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