Jean Grey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jean Grey’s costume

Jean Grey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Red Wig Get a long red wig to recreate Jean’s flame-like hair.
2 Long Maroon Trench Coat Look for a long trench coat in dark red color with a long sleeves.
3 Sheer Women’s Shirt Pick a sheer or see-through shirt to wear underneath the trench coat and corset.
4 Underbust Corset Get a simple underbust corset in dark red colors like maroon or burgundy and wear it over the shirt and trench coat.
5 Leather Belt A basic leather belt in dark red color wound be perfect.
6 Burgundy Pants Any simple designed dark red pants are suitable for the look.
7 Burgundy Boots Pick a pair of laced up knee-level boots in brown or dark red color.
8 Full Costume For the more convenient option, you can buy a full costume of X-men: The Last Stand’s Jean Grey.

In this article we’re taking Jean Grey’s iconic red outfit from X-Men: The Last Stand. Jean Grey has a long flame-like red hair and she wears a red shirt, a red trench coat, red pants, and a red corset. To recreate Jean Grey’s style, follow our list down below.

About Jean Grey

Jean Grey, with her alias name Phoenix, famously played by Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner, is one of the main characters in many X-men movies especially in X-Men: The Last Stand where she played a crucial role, and it will be where we get her look from.

Jean Grey is considered one of the most powerful superheroes in the X-men universe, but at the same time that power seems to be trying to take over her all the time. Jean Grey had always fought her own power by limit it. Nevertheless, in X2: X-Men United Jean sacrificed herself to save the other members of the X-men, and that event seemed to unleash something dark and uncontrollable in her power.

In X-Men: The Last Stand Jean came back as war machine with her limitless power and worked for Magneto to wipe out human, she was uncontrollable. At the end, it took Wolverine, who apparently fell for her, to end her life so she wouldn’t hurt other people.

Jean Grey has a soft and sweet nature, and she’s loved by other members of X-men so dearly, especially Professor X because he known what she was dealing with. Jean has an ability of telepathy, energy manipulation, molecular control, and so on.