Captain Marvel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Captain Marvel / Carol Denvers costume

Captain Marvel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jacket Get a leather jacket with Captain Marvel’s design on it.
2 Dark Blue Stretchy Pants Pair up your jacket with a pair of dark blue leather skinny fit or stretchy pants.
3 Red Leather Gloves Any red leather gauntlet gloves are perfect.
4 Red Leather Boots Pick a pair of red leather boots with knee-height.
5 Long Red Scarf Look for a long red scarf and wrap it around your waist as a belt.
6 Blond Bob Wig Recreate Captain Marvel’s hairstyle with a blond bob wig.
7 Action Figure If you’re a Marvel and Captain Marvel fan, collect her action figure from Funko POP!

Captain Marvel’s iconic outfit is far different from when she was Ms. Marvel. This outfit is a full-body uniform with red and blue pattern that has the Kree symbol on the chest. She also wears red gloves and red boots. Despite all the differences, Danvers still keeps her red belt and blond hair. Now are you interested to become Captain Marvel? Checkout our needed item list down here!

About Captain Marvel

Before Carol Danvers is known as Captain Marvel, she was first introduced to the world of Marvel as Ms. Marvel. After the training at the age of 18, Danvers has an opportunity to join NASA, becoming the youngest security captain in NASA’s history. She later is abducted by the alien group named Kree who alter her genetic structure which gives her superpowers. After the incident, Danvers decides to join the Avenger.

In the war between the Krees and the Phoenix Force. Danvers meet with a resurrected Captain Marvel who later sacrifice himself to save his kind when the Phoenix Force is about to gain the victory. In his honor, Carol becomes the new Captain Marvel after everything is settled. As Captain Marvel, Danvers doesn’t only own basic superpower set but the cosmic power as well, making one of the most powerful Marvel heroes.