Fanta Girls Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Fantanas Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Red Strawberry (Fanta Girls) Costume

# Item Description
1 Red Sleeveless Disco Crop Halter Top Choose this sleeveless disco red crop halter top for your alluring outfit.
2 Red High Waisted Rave Hot Pants Wear your top with this captivating high-waisted pair of red rave hot pants.
3 Red Ankle Party Boots Giddily jiggle to the beat with this pair of red ankle party boots.
4 Red Fashion Dangle Earrings Complement your smile with these fashion red dangle earrings.

How to Make Orange Orange (Fanta Girls) Costume

# Item Description
1 Orange Clubwear Crop Tank Top Pick this orange crop tank top for your intriguing attire.
2 Orange High Slit Draped Skirt Highlight your hips and gracefulness by getting this high-slit orange draped skirt.
3 Orange Crisscross Strap Sandals Match your beguiling getup with these crisscross orange strap sandals.
4 Orange Rhinestone Dangle Earrings Complete your costume by putting on these orange rhinestone dangle earrings.

How to Make Yellow Pineapple (Fanta Girls) Costume

# Item Description
1 Yellow Ruffle Sleeve Off Shoulder Bardot Blouse Get this ruffle-sleeve off-shoulder yellow Bardot blouse for your appealing garb.
2 Yellow Pleated Mini Skirt with Shorts Gamely partner your blouse with this equally attractive pleated yellow mini skirt with shorts.
3 Yellow Stiletto Heel Lace-Up Sandals Endearingly dance around by complementing your garment with these stiletto heels yellow lace-up sandals.
4 Yellow Big Heart Dangle Earrings Finish dressing up by accessorizing with these yellow big heart dangle earrings.

How to Make Purple Grape (Fanta Girls) Costume

# Item Description
1 Purple Halter Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Tank Put on this halter crisscross purple lace up crop tank for your tantalizing clothing ensemble.
2 Purple Ultra Stretch Pants Play up your shapely figure with these ultra-stretch purple pants.
3 Purple Strappy Stiletto Sandals Enhance your appeal further by using these strappy purple stiletto sandals.
4 Purple Flower Star Dangle Earrings Add highlights to your attire with this pair of purple flower star dangle earrings.
5 Fanta Carry each version of Fanta as a prop.

Fanta Girls (more commonly known as Fantanas) are spokesmodels and a song-and-dance group created to promote Coca-Cola’s Fanta brand in the USA. They wear brightly colored hot attires that represent the different flavors of the softdrink brand, including red (strawberry Fanta), orange (orange Fanta), yellow (pineapple Fanta), and purple (grape Fanta). The four models in the vibrant and recognizable campaign have appeared in various advertisements and personal appearances since 2002.

Fanta Girls are brand icons for the soft drinks beverage industry. They wear a sleeveless disco red crop halter top, high-wasted red rave hot pants, red ankle party boots, and fashion red dangle earrings for Red Strawberry; an orange crop tank top, high-slit orange draped skirt, crisscross orange strap sandals, and orange rhinestone dangle earrings for Orange Orange; a ruffle-sleeve off-shoulder yellow Bardot blouse, a yellow pleated mini skirt with shorts, yellow stiletto heels laced-up sandals, yellow big heart dangle earrings for Pineapple Yellow; and a halter crisscross purple lace up crop tank, ultra-stretch purple pants, strappy purple stiletto sandals, and purple flower star dangle earrings for Purple Grape.

About Fanta Girls (or Fantanas)

The Fanta Girls are a well-known advertising campaign associated with the Fanta brand of fruit-flavored carbonated beverages. Introduced in the 1960s, they quickly became icons of pop culture and have remained a part of Fanta’s marketing strategy in various forms ever since.

Originally created by artist Billy Davis, the Fanta Girls were intended to epitomize youth, vibrancy, and fun. They were depicted as lively and energetic young women with brightly colored outfits that often matched the flavors of the Fanta drinks they represented. Each girl had their own distinct style and personality traits that corresponded with a specific flavor.

Over the years, the appearance of the Fanta Girls has evolved to reflect changing fashion trends and cultural shifts. From retro-inspired looks in the 1960s to more contemporary and diverse representations in recent years, the Fanta Girls have adapted to stay relevant while still embodying a sense of youthful exuberance.

The Fanta Girls have been featured in various advertising campaigns around the world, appearing in print ads, television commercials, and digital media. Their memorable catchphrase “Wanna Fanta?” has become synonymous with the brand itself.

While initially popularized through traditional media channels, with their catchy jingles and distinctive visuals, the Fanta Girls have also embraced social media platforms to engage with consumers. They have been transformed into animated characters and emojis for digital stickers and interactive games on mobile devices.

One notable aspect of the Fanta Girls’ appeal is their ability to resonate with diverse audiences around the globe. Through localized campaigns tailored to different markets, they have embodied a wide range of cultures, languages, and ethnicities while maintaining their core message of enjoyment and refreshment.

Despite undergoing various iterations throughout their existence, what remains consistent about the Fanta Girls is their ability to capture attention and evoke feelings of joy and excitement associated with consuming a refreshing beverage on a hot day or during moments of celebration.

Overall, the Fanta Girls have become an integral part of Fanta’s brand identity, representing a youthful and energetic spirit while promoting the enjoyment and indulgence of their fruity carbonated drinks. They continue to enchant consumers and serve as lasting symbols of Fanta’s commitment to fun and flavor.

There have been 5 different incarnations of the Fantanas group since 2002, all with new members.

The Fantanas group has been the subject of various parodies throughout the years, including those from Madtv, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and others.

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