Starbucks Coffee & Barista Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Starbucks Coffee and Barista’s Costumes

Starbucks Coffee & Barista Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

For Coffee Costume

# Item Description
1 Coffee Set Start the couple look with this cool coffee costume.
2 Beige Dress For a DIY spin, start with a brown or beige dress.
3 Fur Shawl Add a furry scarf or shawl to represent the whipped cream.
4 Foam You can also use foam and pin it on the chest area of the dress as an alternative to the whipped cream.
5 Logo Add the coffee logo on the chest or stomach area.
6 Pool Noodle Carry a pool noodle as the large straw.

For Barista costume

# Item Description
1 Black Shirt Wear your choice of dark shirt.
2 Green Apron Add a layer of green apron to the shirt.
3 Black Pants You can also get a pair of your choice of bottoms.

The iconic pairing of the Starbucks cup and barista will be sure hit to your next party! If you want to dress like your favorite Frappucino, be sure to get a ready-made coffee cup costume or pull it of DIY-style! Wear a brown dress and add foam details near the chest to represent the whipped cream and then carry a green pool noodle as the straw. As for the barista, simply top off a black shirt with a green apron.

About Starbucks

Starbucks is an American corporation that owns the world’s biggest coffeehouse chain. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. As of 2020, Starbucks is said to be present in over 79 countries. They serve coffee, tea, and pastry.

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