Starbucks Mermaid Logo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make the Starbucks Mermaid Logo Costume

Starbucks Mermaid Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Get the costume rolling with a white dress.
2 Green and White Wig Add a green accent to the costume by wearing this wig.
3 Green Body Paint Apply a layer of green paint on the face to recreate the mermaid’s look.
4 Crown Get a white crown to top off the wig.
5 Striped Arm Warmer You may also wear a pair of striped white and green warmers or fingerless gloves.
6 Cardboard Aside from the striped arm warmer, you can cut the mermaid’s arms off of a piece of cardboard.
7 Glitter Add stripes of green on the cardboard to complete this prop.

The Starbucks Mermaid logo is a cool costume to wear! Turn the heads of coffee lovers by wearing a white dress, green-and-white wig, and fingerless gloves. Complete the costume with a crown and green makeup!

About the Starbucks Mermaid / Siren

Starbucks is a chain of cafes that originated from the USA. It is the world’s biggest coffeehouse chain. The logo features a twin-tailed mermaid or siren. The current logo still features the siren with its twin tails and white a green background.

The image of a twin-tailed mythical creature with flowing hair has adorned Starbucks stores, cups, and merchandise since the company’s inception in 1971.

The concept of the Starbucks mermaid comes from maritime mythology. It is said to represent seduction and allure, drawing customers to enter the coffee shops and inviting them to experience their range of products. The twin tails symbolize the connection between land and sea, representing exploration and adventure.

Over the years, there have been subtle modifications to the design of the mermaid. Originally, she was topless and more graphic in nature. However, as the company grew larger and more mainstream, her image underwent several revisions to make her more family-friendly and align with changing social norms.

Today, the current version of the Starbucks mermaid features a more modest depiction. Although she is still portrayed with her twin tails and flowing hair, she now wears a crown on her head with an enlarged tail arching over it. Her face is surrounded by circular strokes symbolizing waves or water ripples.

The popularity of the Starbucks mermaid extends beyond just being a logo. It has become a cultural icon that represents not only coffee but also community gathering spaces. Many people recognize it instantly as a mark of quality coffee products and enjoy collecting various merchandise featuring this iconic character.

In recent years, there have been spin-offs featuring variations of the mermaid design for specific occasions or promotions. For example, during holiday seasons or special events, limited edition cups may feature different stylized versions of the Starbucks mermaid to celebrate those occasions or collaborations with other brands.

The evolution of the Starbucks mermaid reflects not only changes in design trends but also how companies adapt their branding to fit in with societal expectations. Today, she remains an enduring symbol that evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and quality for millions of Starbucks customers around the world.