Keebler Elf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Keebler Elf’s Costume

Here is a rundown of items you can get to match Keebler Elf’s style:

Keebler Elf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-down Start with a basic button-down shirt.
2 Yellow Tie Then wear this yellow neck tie.
3 Red Vest Top the shirt with a red vest.
4 Green Jacket Get a green jacket, too.
5 Yellow Shorts Match the jacket with a yellow pair of shorts.
6 Red Socks For your footwear, cop a pair of lock socks.
7 Brown Shoes Finish the look with dress shoes
8 Elf Ears Make the elf look more convincing by getting a pair of elf ears.
9 White Wig Then wear a white wig.
10 Red Beanie For the finishing touch, wear red elf hat or beanie.

The Keebler Elf is one of the recognizable characters in the commercial industry. Thanks to his eye-catching color palette, he is well remembered by people who have seen his ads! The Keebler Elf attire can be recreated with a white button down shirt and yellow necktie under a red vest and green jacket. To add more color, wear a pair of yellow shorts, red socks, and brown shoes, too!

About Keebler Elf

Keebler Elf are cartoons made to promote items from the Keebler Company. There are various elves but the leader is called Ernie. These elves have appeared in many commercials which often showed them baking their own creations.