Mr. Pringles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mr. Pringles Costume

Mr Pringles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Button Down Shirt Start your costume with this button down yellow shirt representing the yellow color on the original Pringles can.
2 Black Cargo Pants Add this regular black cargo pants to your outfit.
3 Red and White Sneakers Pick this breathable red and white sneakers for an enjoyable walk as you embody a widely-enjoyed snack.
4 Red Casual Blazer Put on this very visible casual red blazer to showcase the iconic red body of the original Pringles.
5 White Gloves Match your face and shoe color with these white gloves.
6 Red Bow Tie Look dashing and delectable by adding this red bow tie.
7 White Face Paint Paint your face white to get the color of Mr. P.
8 Large Handlebar Moustache Wear this large handlebar moustache, fix your hair, part your bangs, and become Julius Pringles.

Mr. Pringles, also known as Julius Pringles or Mr. P, is the logo character of the popular American brand of stackable potato-based chips that was invented in 1968 and is still internationally marketed to this day. The well-known saddle-shaped chips, iconically-packaged in a tubular paperboard can container, is sold in more than 140 countries and is the fourth most popular snack brand in the world.

Mr. Pringles has a large mustache and parted bangs. He wears a button down yellow shirt, black pants, red and white sneakers, a red blazer, white gloves, and a red bow tie.

About Pringles

The renowned shape of Pringle chips is mathematically known as hyperbolic paraboloid and is now being optimized for food processing using supercomputers.

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