Grimace Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Grimace Costume

Grimace Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Long-Sleeved Top Start off your costume with a plain purple long-sleeved top.
2 Purple Pants Match your top with a pair of comfy purple joggers.
3 Purple Shoes Keep to the purple theme and don on a pair of purple shoes.
4 Purple Gloves Keep your hands warm and make your outfit seamless with a pair of purple gloves.
5 Purple Fabric Drape purple fabric over you and use a round brace at the bottom to look like Grimace’s round shape.
6 Assorted Felt Paper Use assorted felt paper and stick it to your fabric to create Grimace’s face.
7 Costume Set There’s no more need to DIY if you get this costume set instead.

Grimace is Ronald McDonald’s best friend in McDonaldland and is featured in many of the fast food chain’s commercials. He doesn’t often speak and is known to be slow-witted but happy-go-lucky. He is also quite clumsy, providing comedic relief in videos.

Grimace is well-known because of his furry, purple rotund physique. To look like Grimace, you will need a purple top, purple pants, purple shoes, purple gloves, purple fabric, and felt paper.

About Grimace

Grimace is a beloved character from McDonald’s advertising campaigns and represents a large, purple monster-like creature. Initially known as “Evil Grimace,” his character transformed into a friendly and kind-hearted being. With an affable and gentle nature, Grimace is characterized by his cheerful demeanor and eagerness to be helpful. Frequently seen alongside other prominent McDonaldland characters, Grimace has become an iconic figure in the world of advertising, captivating audiences with his endearing personality and memorable appearances.

After being retained as one of the characters in McDonald’s commercials in the 1980s, Grimace disappeared for a time after 2012. But he returned in 2020 and even got his own themed purple shake in 2023.

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