Salt Bae Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Salt Bae Costume

Salt Bae Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-shirt, white, low-cut Salt Bae wears a form-fitting white T-shirt that shows off his ab muscles. The shirt is also quite low-cut, so you can see a bit of his chest.
2 Pants, black, chef These are classic style chefs pants. They come in a chic black color and are a little bit on the skinny side. Salt Bae wears these pants as a professional chef.
3 Watch, black Salt Bae wears this black watch that is very expensive-looking, and therefore makes the rest of his outfit and himself look high-class and chic.
4 Sunglasses, black, round It doesn’t matter if Salt Bae is inside, he is always wearing these black round-lensed sunglasses. They give him a mysterious and edgy feel to those who see him.
5 Chef Knife Salt Bae being a chef carries a knife with blue handle.
6 Salt, sea The way Salt Bae got his name, and the thing he is most popular for, is the way he sprinkles salt, so having a package of salt with your costume is a must.
7 Wig, black, ponytail Salt Bae’s hair I very unique and would look silly on others, but he makes his black ponytail look chic and expensive, like the rest of him.
8 Mustache, goatee, black With this stick on facial hair, you can get the same facial hair styles as Salt Bae.
9 Clogs, black, chef These special chefs clogs are what Salt Bae wears; they are of course black.

Salt Bae has a style that can only be described as chic, bordering on silly. A lot of what Salt Bae wears would not be as good-looking on other people, but he manages to pull it off.

His basic outfit consists of a white T-shirt that is quite form-fitting and has a low-cut neck that shows off a bit of his chest. On his bottom half he wears black chefs pants and black chefs clogs, as he himself is a professional chef.

All the black in his outfit gives the impression that he is very chic and expensive, but of course his expensive black watch also helps.

His hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and he wears black round sunglasses all the time, no matter whether he is inside or outside which gives him a very mysterious and edgy look.

About Salt Bae

Salt Bae is an internet sensation that swept the worldwide web, and eventually became a meme spread by many.

He is a Turkish chef that is known for filming videos of cutting meat and sprinkling salt on food in a very unique way by tucking his elbow in, and sticking his hand out to form a point with his fingers. On his Instagram account, many examples of his antics can be seen.