Ladybug & Cat Noir (Miraculous) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Here’s everything you need to look like Lady Bug and Cat Noir.

How to Make Ladybug Costume

Ladybug (Miraculous) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Leotard Wear a full-body leotard as the base of your Ladybug costume.
2 Red Shoes Finish off your look with a pair of red shoes.
3 Black Dots Use this black dots and scatter them around your red leotard.
4 Red Ribbon Tie red ribbons on your hair.
5 Blue Wig Wear a wig if you don’t have blue hair like Marinette.
6 Red Eye Mask Don’t forget to hide your identity with a red eye mask.
7 Earrings & Yoyo Don’t forget to bring along your Ladybug yoyo and earrings.
8 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into Ladybug with this costume set.

How to Make Cat Noir Costume

Cat Noir Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Bodysuit Use this black body suit to start your Cat Noir costume.
2 Black Boots Wear a sturdy pair of black boots.
3 Black Gloves Don’t forget your pair of black gloves.
4 Black Cat Tail You ain’t a cat if you don’t have a cat tail.
5 Black Cat Ears Keep to the cat theme with a pair of black cat ears.
6 Blonde Wig Don’t forget to wear a wig if you don’t have hair like Adrien.
7 Ring Accessorize with this Cat Noir ring.
8 Black Eye Mask Hide your identity with this black eye mask.
9 Batton Cat Noir’s weapon of choice
10 Gold bell Another accessory for detailed look
11 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into Cat Noir with this costume set.
12 Adult Costume Set There’s no need to DIY if you buy this costume set.

Even the French have their own teenage superheroes. Enter Ladybug and Cat Noir, both art sudents in College Francoise Dupont who also lead double lives as superheroes who want to defeat Hawk Moth and his cronies.

Ladybug and Cat Noir wear skin-tight suits when they’re out prowling the streets, fighting against crime.

Ladybug wears a red full-body leotard with black spots all over. She also has red ribbons in her hair and a red mask over her eyes.

Cat Noir wears skin-tight black pants, a black zip-up top, and black boots. He also has black cat ears and a tail.

Ladybug real name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

About Ladybug and Cat Noir

Ladybug was voiced by Christina Valenzuela and Cat Noir was voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.

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