Bandita Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bandita’s Costume

Bandita Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Corset Top Get your choice of black top or use this corset instead.
2 Skirt For the bottoms, you can wear your choice mini skirt.
3 Net Leggings Keep the look sexy with these leggings.
4 Boots Style the tights with these boots, too.
5 Hat and Mask This hat and mask combo is the focal point of the bandita costume.
6 Cape You can also add a cape to add another layer to the look.
7 Gloves Match the all-black attire with these gloves.
8 Toy Sword Complete the look with this toy sword as prop.

Bandita’s Zorro-inspired bandit look can easily be recreated using an all-black clothing ensemble. Start wit a corset top then skirt. For your bottoms, you can wear net leggings and a pair of boots. Wear gloves to emphasize the toy sword that you can also carry! For another edgy touch, top off the costume with a cape, a hat, and an eye mask!

About Bandita

A Bandita is the female spin to the word bandit. Bandits are typically known to engage in organized crimes, often engaging with violence like committing robbery.