Identity Thief Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Identity Theif Costume

Identity Thief Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Hoodie Start off with a plain black hoodie.
2 Identification Sticker Badges Use the typical name tag stickers and write down different names. You can be as witty as you like.
3 Permanent Marker Use a permanent marker to write down names.
4 Black Sweatpants Pair your black hoodie with black sweatpants.
5 Black Sneakers Stick to black theme with a pair of black sneakers.
6 Black Beanie Accessorize with a black beanie.
7 Black Eye Mask Look extra suspicious with a black mask.
8 Black Gloves Keep your fingerprints safe with a pair of black gloves.

Identity Theft is a fantastic last-minute costume for witty and fun-loving people. Despite being a serious issue in real life, the creative use of simple everyday things to make a conversation-starting costume is definitely light-hearted and a riot.

Plus, it’s easy to put together an Identity Theft outfit. All you need to wear is a black hoodie, black pants, black sneakers, black gloves, a black mask, a black beanie, and quite a number of name tags.

About Identity Thief

The term identity theft or identity fraud was coined and used in 1964. Before the time of photo ID’s or social security numbers, criminals in hiding would murder innocent people and steal their identities to live normal lives. During that time, there was no other way to prove one’s identity other than their word.

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