Geisha Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Geisha’s Costume

Geisha wears a kimono, a Japanese traditional costume, that is lavishly crafted with rich fabric and other accessories. This includes a colorful kimono, a beautiful obi belt, a big tie-back wig, Japanese barrettes, white socks, and getas (Japanese sandals).

Geisha may holds several props such as a fan or a paper umbrella. If you’d like to recreate this look, checkout our list down below!

Geisha Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Colorful Kimono Get a colorful kimono to wear.
2 Obi Belt Put a contrast obi belt around your mid waist.
3 Dark Bun Wig Tie your hair back and wear a bun wig matching your hair color.
4 Asian Barrettes Put multiple barrettes with Asian style on your head.
5 White Socks Wear a pair of white socks.
6 Japanese Sandals Match your outfit with a pair of Getas (Japanese wooden sandals).
7 Face Paints Use face paints to create geisha’s makeup style (See the tutorial down below).
8 Red Paper Umbrella Add a paper umbrella as a prop.
9 Red Hand Fan If you don’t want an umbrella as a prop, you can choose a fan instead.

About Geisha

In Japanese culture and history, Samurai warriors are the most recognizable profession for men in the Western pop culture’s eye; as for women, it is Geisha that’s often mentioned. Geisha, or Geiko, is an old traditional profession for women; their duty is to entertain the elitist men.

Beside beauty, these women have to acquire various skills such as in music, dancing, and poetry. Many believe that Geisha is a prostitute, but the word “Geisha” itself means “art.” Therefore, the word artist is best to use describe them.